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The Artist Formerly Known As Harry is a very experienced singer/guitarist and even more experienced performer/entertainer from the Netherlands (Europe) living on the beautiful island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean since august 2011. His name: Harry.

Over the last 25+ years Harry has been the Lead Vocalist and Frontman in many very successful coverbands varying from acoustic duo’s to full blown High-Power-High-Energy-High-Entertaining Party bands.

It all started with playing the guitar and singing in duo’s and bands since his youth. A hobby that – during his law-study – evolved into a full time profession. Leading him to follow his heart and start his own Entertainment company that provided customers worldwide with all sorts of music & entertainment and that would organize large company-events, full-service up to 5000 people… and still does.

Music and organizing have been his professional business for over 25 years. All knowledge and information that Harry shares comes from hands-on experience: ón stage as a performer, as well as behind stage as organiser of events. If you haven’t thought of it … Harry will!

Getting all this the LIVE stage-experience over the years and playing his gigs (2500+) all over the world gave him the edge when he decided to ‘leave it all behind’ move to Bonaire to come back to the basics: singing & playing beautiful ánd powerful music. Often solo but also in several combinations with other great musicians.

TAFKAH’s main distinguishing factors – apart from his enthusiasm and quality, ánd the ones mentioned in ‘MISSION‘ – are the fact that as a singer-guitarist he has – by far – the most extensive and broad repertoire in the Caribbean. He also works with the best sound system available for acoustic music by Bose™. Last but not least, he is the most experienced wedding singer you will find in the Caribbean.

Apart from all of the above TAFKAH is also a music producer, writing & recording his own music & lyrics and a studio-musician. Creating songs, tunes and jingles, radio-commercials and doing voiceovers are all part of the package.

On this website you will find information about all the musical and organisational possibilities TAFKAH has to offer. Enjoy!

Oh… and T.A.F.K.A.H. is short for The Artist Formerly Known As Harry (contrary to the artist known as Harry)

TAFKAH – Exceptional … Distinctive


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