Solo performances by TAFKAH are – like most – custom-tailored. Always listening to customer’s wishes & preferences ánd with an eye for the specific situation TAFKAH chooses the right songs for the setting.

Playing his acoustic guitar and singing the songs with energy and conviction whatever the sound-level (soft, moderate or loud) and whatever the style (easy-listening or up-beat and danceable). He can also be more ór less interactive with the audience. That ranges from total background-playing up to high-energy interaction.

TAFKAH’s extensive repertoire makes him very flexible at any given time in his music choice whatever the event. Some of his music-genres are: Classic Rock, Ballads, Country, Island Music, Pop, Reggae, Rock ’n Roll, Love Songs, Rock, etc. Of course he is always dressed for the occasion.

TAFKAH – Exceptional … Distinctive