The Artist Formerly Known As Harry – TAFKAH – is
A self-conscious, highly audience-interactive Dutch musician with a wide cover-repertoire-experience. Depending on the formation he is playing with, ranging from Soul and Disco through Funk, Pop, Dance and (Classic) Rock. Apart from that – and more-so with solo-gigs – he is also well known for his acoustic cover-work from lots and lots of artists starting in the 50’s and ending with the latest hits.

In his 25+ years on stage (as the artist known as Harry) he has booked só many successes that the name itself has become a guarantee for quality, resulting in being well-known at home and abroad. Enthousiasm, interactivity, energy and réal contact with costumers and audience are the distinguishing features.

The right band/group for the right occasion. Giving the right information and asking the right questions with all available expertise is the clue to reach this aim.

Real interest in and contact with customers and the audience. The highest possible quality in performances in combination with the right music choice for the occasion, the best sound system, nice clothing and a great energy. In short: sincere and convincing enthusiasm with high entertainment value. Having fun doing what you’re doing is a very important condition to continuously keep on reaching this goal. As a singer-guitarist he has – by far – the most extensive and broad repertoire in the Caribbean giving him all the necessary flexibility. He also works with the best sound system available for acoustic music by Bose™.

TAFKAH mainly has clients/customers with a broad mind and a distinct taste for quality. TAFKAH plays on weddings, birthdays, barbecues, receptions, company parties, sports clubs, festivals, expat-communities and certain occupational groups

Respectful manners and integrity are the basis of TAFKAH’s internal and external communications and actions. In the past musical and organizational cooperation has been given to charities and charity-events many times.

TAFKAH plays with the High-end sound system by Bose (L1 Model 2); thé best system for acoustic music worldwide. Volume of the performance, sound & light ánd the music in-between sets needs to be in accordance with the audience and costumers wishes.

TAFKAH – Exceptional … Distinctive


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