TAFKAH VIDEO'S Live at ‘City Cafe’ Kralendijk Bonaire (25 October 2011)
A short iPhone-recording by audience of the Golden Earring song ‘Another 45 Miles’ Live at ‘Buddy Dive Poolbar” Kralendijk Bonaire (6 June 2012)
A short iPhone-recording by audience of the Kansas song ‘Dust in the Wind’

TAFKAH with his band 3 Unplugged at ‘Lemmy’s Cafe’ Leiden Netherlands (16 October 2012)
An iPhone-recording by audience of the Bon Jovi song ‘Dead or Alive’ Live at ‘Little Havana’ Kralendijk Bonaire (March 2012)
An impression of the Live-round during the famous Little Havana Popquiz.
Don’t forget to watch the last part Music for the ‘I love Bonaire’ video (june 2014)
Together with my good friend Michiel van Bokhorst (Lamédia Studio Bonaire) also known as ‘DJ Shrek’ I wrote, performed and recorded the music for this great ‘I Love Bonaire’ island-promotion video. So video and radio commercials are also part of the TAFKAH possibilities.


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