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‘3 Unplugged’ is an acoustic singer-guitarist trio in The Netherlands with a cover-repertoire varying from the Beatles & the Stones up to the most recent hits… all with only vocals and acoustic guitars.

It has an amazing sound and a very relaxed but also powerfull energy. The three vocals are a perfect blend and also the major strongpoint of the band. ‘3 Unplugged’ performs in very small and intimate settings, up to big mainstage gigs and everything in-between.

My two good friends Theo Nijssen & Erik ter Braak are great guitarists/singers and they regularly perform as ‘2 Unplugged’. And whenever we are in the same area of the world we still perform as ‘3 Unplugged’. The repertoire of is similar to my ‘TAFKAH-repertoire’ that you find elsewhere on this website. Think: Eagles, Crosby Stills Nash, Neil Young, R.E.M, The Police, John Denver, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Creedence, Elvis etc.

‘2 Unplugged’ and ‘3 Unplugged’ can be booked via: H2M Entertainment Netherlands T: +31(0) 71 5148909 / info@h2m.nl