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Some real-life reactions from TAFKAH-customers & audience:

– “Just saw you play at the Dive Hut and you were very good loved your stuff” (John)

– “Absolutely loved the sound and the power of your band at City Cafe. You have a great voice and your performance and energy are fun to enjoy” (Sarah)

– Thank you Tafkah, we had a fabulous Wednesdaynight at Buddy Dive… Cool music, Cold drinks and lots of fun. Our group was still talking about it the next day while underway on your beautiful island. Hope to see your there next year. All the best! (Reid)

– The Beachhut will never be the same after your performance there and the unforgettable after-party. What a blast. Hope to see you there again soon (Kim)

– “Thanx for your great singing & playing during the Diner at Sea with Compass Bonaire last Saturday” (Monique)

– “Please write something on my Facebook”. So here we go. Thanks for further spicing up the BBQ at Dive Hut on the 22nd of Aug. We all enjoyed your performance! Next week same time same place?” (Frans)

– Your show with the pianist (Jasper?) & percussionist at the International Kite-racing event was super cool. Great music, great quality, great fun. See you next year on Bonaire! Hang Loose (Erin)

– “Donderdag 15 augustus 2013 een heerlijk zwoele avond gehad in de Divehut op Bonaire. Wijntje erbij en ontzettend genoten van het optreden van Harry. Een genot om naar te kijken en luisteren, mooie combinatie van een goede stem, uitstraling en humor. Helaas was onze vakantie niet lang genoeg om de donderdag daarna weer te komen genieten… Harry, dank je!” (Inge)

– “We hopen dat jullie nog vele huwelijken zo onvergetelijk zullen maken als die van ons! Het was energiek en subliem!! Veel veel dank daarvoor” (Menno & Daan)

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