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2014 – This weekend: 3 Chances in a Row to come and enjoy some great Live Music by The Artist: TAFKAH (guitars & vocals) on Bonaire —> check the PUBLIC GIGS section
– Sunday July 13: Caribbean Club Poolbar (18.00)
– Monday July 14: Plaza Resort Tipsy Seagull (18.45)
– Tuesday July15: Eddy’s Bar/Restaurant (18.30)

2014 – As of June 2014 TAFKAH is the proud founder of a new company on Bonaire: FIT Sound Rental. FIT rents out Audio, Video & Light – simply ‘AVL’ on a Full Service basis to company’s and individuals. Mission: To add value to events and presentations in regard to amplification of speech, background music, acoustic bands and DJ-performances. FIT: leave nothing to chance!

2014 – Tuesday June 17th I will NOT play at Eddy’s because of the World Championship Football which will can be seen on a BIG Screen Live at Eddy’s that evening. You’ll only have to miss me for 1 week 🙂

2014 – The last few weeks my gigs at Eddy’s Bar & Restaurant (Tuesday’s) and Caribbean Club Bonaire (Sunday’s) are becoming more & more intense, bussier and LOTS OF FUN entertaining and interacting with the crowd. If you haven’t been there yet, dó visit and come and enjoy the fun.

2014 – TAFKAH will be performing at Eddy’s Restaurant every Tuesday starting March 25th, 2014 (18.30 – 20.00) on the ‘Mojito’s & Music Night’. Make sure you come in for a drink or two. For more info check the ‘PUBLIC GIGS

2014 – TAFKAH will be performing at Caribbean Club Bonaire every Sunday starting February 9th, 2014 (18.00 – 19.30). Happy Hour 17.30-18.30 with Barbecue afterwards. Hope to see you there. For more info check the ‘PUBLIC GIGS

2014 – Our first and latest Dance-track called ‘Tight Shirt’ is about to be finished. Beginning of February we hope to record the last vocals and then we’re down to the end-mixing and mastering. At the same time our second very danceable track (working title ‘Denial is a river in Egypt‘) has just been born! I also did some nice backing-vocals on a typical Bonairian folksong  called ‘Remailo‘. You’ll hear it soon!

2014 – The beginning of the new year is also the start for my new marketing-campaign. After ending this brand new – and fully up to date – website last December, now working on new logo, flyers, businesscards and one surprise-item you will see on Bonaire soon.

2014 – Starting this year A new Business-venture is born: TAFKAH Sound Rental. Working only with the best possible brand (Bose) and a highly qualified sound engineer you can now have the best sound-amplification on the island for your event. It being a party, seminar, meeting, barbecue, sports-event etc.. This at very, véry low cost.

2013 – I wish you all very Happy Holidays and hope to meet you on beautiful Bonaire in 2014

2013 – If you are looking for an experienced frontman & lead-vocalist in your band somewhere in the Caribbean… Harrie is also available for one-time gigs as well as repetitive performances in full blown Party-bands. Just give me a call! (Check the 2005 Amateur-Video-Recording under Harrie’s Herrie)

2013 – Working on, writing and recording our own songs with my friend ‘DJ Shrek’ in Lamédia Studio Bonaire

2013 – TAFKAH will be performing again at Buddy Dive Resort Poolbar & Restaurant every Wednesday starting November 6th, 2013 (17.30 – 21.00). Happy Hour: 17.00 – 18.00. Hope to see you there. For more info check the ‘PUBLIC GIGS

2013 – Upon request TAFKAH plays during the sunset cruise & dinner on ‘the Compass’. Great atmosphere, great food, great fun.
(more info and reservations: /

2013 – Thank you Benji and thank you Michiel for recording some of my demo’s at your studio’s.
(for more info on the Bonaire studio-facilities: click here)

2011 – The artist known as Harry becomes TAFKAH: The Artist Formerly Known As Harry

TAFKAH – Exceptional … Distinctive


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